WK300 ZRH -> KRF (Edelweiss air)


Edelweiss air Business class flight from Zurich to Keflavik(Reykjavik)

Aircraft information:

Type: Airbus A320-214

Age: 11 years 

registration: HB-JLS


Flight-time: 3 hours and 46 minutes 

Lounge option and Tip:

If you fly with Edelweiss Air in Business Class, you can go to the Swiss Alpin Lounge. The lounge impresses with a very good view of the runway. The Swiss Alpin Lounge is a Senator Lounge, comparable to the lounge concept as in MXP, but it still offers a private chef. Even if you usually fly business class with the Lufthansa group business class, you are allowed in.  It has a very good bar and is equipped with a small hot buffet and a large cold buffet. It also has a special menu item selection adapted for all needs.



The boarding was very good. Senators, HON and Business Class guests were boarded first.There was no baggage check or the luggage was not weighed in business class. Our aircraft was about 11 years old. After a very friendly welcome from the cabin crew, I found a standard short-haul cabin.


At Edelweiss, the planes have extra headrests and a cell phone/iPad holder and wifi. Unfortunately not on this plane! On this flight there was unfortunately no WLAN, but only a monitor on the cabin ceiling. Unfortunately, it was also the old Eco seats, but they have a really good seat pitch. After boarding the plane, I found a bottle of water and a disinfectant wipe on the middle seat. This aircraft have a 3-3 configuration. In business class, the middle seat was blocked. The seats were made of a blue leatherette.The cabin did not show its age. What I found very good was that monitors were attached to the cabin ceiling, which continuously displayed flight information.

It is important to note that in row 1 and 4 the air nozzles are located behind the seat.



Meal services:

Shortly after the start was asked about the food request. Here was quickly asked from front to back. This was very nice, as my FTL status was taken into account in the menu selection. After that there was a drink service and Orginal Gold Fischli with a drink.

After that, unfortunately, it took a very long time (ca.20 min.) until the food came. First row 1and 3 were served and then the row 2 and 3. My dish was beef with a red wine sauce and mashed potatoes. In addition, there was an indefinable salad and a coconut cream with mango and cookie crumbles. In addition, there were two slices of bread too because also butter was served. However, the announced beef had the consistency of a meatball.

Rest of the flight:

The rest of the flight, the cabin crew was relatively present and permanently looked after the drinks. One hour before landing, there was a duty-free sale. Shortly before landing, there was a very tasty Biberli (sweet snack for in between). The Biberli consisted of almonds and tasted like marzipan: soft and sweet. 


Relatively early, the cabin was prepared for landing.


Debording is relatively quick via a gangway.



I can well recommend the relatively inexpensive flight. The ground handling in Zurich with the lounge options has convinced me very much. The aircraft at Edelweiss Air is usually equipped for medium-haul flights. On this flight unfortunately not, although it depends here on the aircraft type. The inflight service is okay on this route length, but not terrific. The food tastes good. On the route from Vienna to KEF, Austrian offers a 2-course menu. The biggest advantage is that this flight is at lunchtime, while Lufthansa and Austrian mostly fly at night. This flight scores 23/30 points.