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Hilton Milan

King Deluxe Guest Room

Advance info:

The cab from LIN Airport costs a good 25 euros and takes about 20 minutes for the route.


Check in:

The entrance area has a modern design. To the right of the entrance are the check-in desks. Early check-in can be requested free of charge. There is also a luggage storage. Online check-in/ or check-in via the app is also possible. Available rooms are displayed on a map. In the app, one receives a digital key. A room upgrade can be requested. I even received a free upgrade. Looking to the right from check-in are the elevators. These require the key card or digital key to access the room and floor.

Digital key

 If one prefers a digital key, the physical key is deactivated. One disadvantage of the digital key is that it has to be connected to the hotel WLAN. This can sometimes take a while. In return, it can be shared with up to four people.


The King Deluxe Room No. 774 is very large. By Milanese standards, it could pass for a one- to two-bedroom apartment. Entering the room, the bathroom is on the left. It is equipped with a 2in1 shower bathtub and the normal amenties like shower gel and shower cap. Towels are also sufficiently available. To the right of the bathroom is an indentation that houses cupboards and the minibar, as well as instant coffee and tea bags.


The minibar is equipped with two free waters. On the minibar there is a kettle with glasses and cups, as well as coffee and tea. There are slippers in the wardrobes. Likewise, there is also an iron with ironing board and a safe. Here you can also find the bathrobes.

Entering the room, there is a (half) room with a large wall unit on the left. Opposite is a suitcase rack. Walking along the entrance hallway, you enter the large room area. There is another mirror hanging in the hallway on the left. Then follows a work table with a chair. In the middle of the left half of the room there are two armchairs and a sofa and a small coffee table. Then follows a large lamp. In the middle of the upper window front is a chest of drawers with a large TV on it. This is unfortunately a bit "slow", but it offers many channels (🇬🇧🇺🇸🇩🇪🇮🇹🇫🇷..) On the left side of the room is the king size bed. On the left and right side there is a bedside lamp. On the left side of the bed is an alarm clock and the phone. Important: The alarm clock has two USB A charging sockets, the nearest socket is a good 3 meters away. From the bed, you can turn off all the lights except for the bathroom light. In return, the control of the night lights is easy to understand.


In the front and left of the room is a window front. All windows can be opened, which is very nice. This room also has air conditioning, which is a bit outdated. You should also know that except for the outlet at the desk and in the bathroom, Italian outlets were installed. In general, the room is decorated in Italian style and is a bit outdated in terms of appearance. 


After I checked in at 14:00, I could enter my room. Shortly before 15:00 came a small welcome for me to the room: A large bottle of water and three very tasty macarons and grapes (really nice & delicious!).



Towards evening I decided to eat in the in-house restaurant and was a bit early. The restaurant is almost always open and also has a bar. From 19:00 there is dinner in a very nice ambience. The restaurant is located on the ground floor to the left of the entrance. The food is traditional and some of it is very fancy/creative. I ordered TAGLIOLINI SPADELLATTI ALLE VERDURE SU CREMA DI POMODORINI E GOCCE DI BASILICO from the lunch menu as an appetizer. For the main course I took OSSOBUCO ALLA MILANESE SERVITO CON RISOTTO from the dinner menu. Both were freshly prepared and absolutely recommended. This restaurant really stands out for its Milanese fusion cuisine and fancy typical specialties. This restaurant is just right if you prefer to stay at the hotel in the evening, but at the same time don't want to miss anything culinary. Or just want to have a nightcap at the bar. What is particularly noteworthy is that you are asked about your allergies before the meal, so there is no problem and the food is also adapted accordingly. 

 Of course, there is also a room service here: I have linked you the selection / cards here. 


Especially in the evening, the room offers a good view of the illuminated skyscrapers around. Worth mentioning here is the telephone, which is in every room. I love the functions and especially the Wake Up! call, because you can't overhear the phone. At the same time, I was not disturbed by any other neighbors. There is also a working alarm clock and TV alarm. The latter worked a bit less well.


The next morning we went to breakfast around 7:30. You just tell the nice lady at the breakfast room reception your room number and then you are taken to the table. The breakfast area is on the right as you come out of the elevator, behind the restaurant. Breakfast is available from 6:00 am to 11:00 am. The breakfast area is divided into different seating areas and everyone has their own table. There are one or two staff members for each seating area. They bring coffee, tea as well as omelettes or other things you want. They are happy to explain the entire buffet to you, plus they ask you about your allergies so you can avoid the things in question. The breakfast buffet had a lot to offer: From fresh pastries to fruit to hot dishes and fresh juices. Really everyone can find something to eat here. Here you could also see the attempt to experience the Italian culture culinary, although there are also dumplings for breakfast. Also, every empty plate is cleared immediately, but in such a way that it does not seem disturbing. Almost as if that was no one there.


After breakfast, I explored the city again before it was time to pack up and check out. Check-out is possible until 12 o'clock. But you can also request a free late check-out. This works quickly and smoothly.  A tip: Since there is a cab lane directly in front of the Hilton, you also have to pay a smaller entry price, because it is fetched by the concierge for you. Here, the ride with tip cost about 25 euros. 



Mail: Milan_Info@hilton.com

Tel.: +39 02 69831

Hotel page: Hilton Milan 


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The King Deluxe Guest Room offers what it promises. This room is still designed in a typical Italian flair and offers a lot of space by Milanese standards. The price for this room fits: It offers the comfort one expects. I looked for disadvantages for a very long time, but I didn't really find any, except for the sockets that are a bit further away. If you don't like the flair, Hilton also offers freshly renovated rooms in the lowest and exclusive price ranges. The hotel features excellent service and an absolutely service-oriented and very friendly staff and Italian flair. It is easy and inexpensive to reach from all airports by train (cab from LIN). With the integrated restaurant and the large breakfast buffet, there are actually hardly any wishes left unfulfilled. Within 10-20 minutes you can reach the cathedral by train or cab (10€). With the Hilton Honors status program and the associated benefits, it is a very nice overall experience and highly recommended for week trips or even for longer stays. The Hilton Milan become 25/30 points.


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