DE1525 PMI->STR (Condor)


Condor flight operated with a Bulgaria air A320 in Business class on the 1.07.2023.

Aircraft information:

Type: Airbus A320-214

Age: 9 years 

registration: LZ-FBG


Flight time: 1 hour and 45 minutes 

After pre-boarding, we started with group one. This was brought separately by the gate staff to the bus. I was the first to be escorted downstairs for bus boarding. Once I was downstairs, it took a good 5 minutes before any other guests arrived. The transit time was a good 5 minutes. Then boarding group two followed. As a business class passenger, you are automatically boarded in boarding groups one and two.


As long as I was allowed to enjoy the sight of a Eurowings machine, which drove directly in front of me to the park position. This service of Condor I found very good, although we were then but all in the same bus. At short notice, three more female passengers had upgraded to business class. Thus we were four business class passengers.

The boarding was by bus. The bus was full, but not too full.


Business class stretched across an entire row. After a friendly welcome from the cabin crew, I found a 3-3 configuration with the middle seat blocked off in each case.(Seat-map) There I found a travel organizer as well as a disinfectant wipe and a pillow. You are not allowed to take the pillow with you, it stays on board. This airplane is from Bulgaria Air in wet lease with Condor, which one can recognize for example by the lettering. This aircraft is from Bulgaria Air. The cabin crew is from Condor as well as the soft products. As for the cockpit crew, at least the co-pilot was certainly from Condor. Regarding the captain, I have not heard anything. Condor has indicated several times (in the app and in the booking process) that this flight is operated by Bulgaria Air. I conclude that the plane is from Bulgaria Air and everything else is from Condor.

Each seat has its own air van. In seats 1A and 1C, you can watch the cabin crew through a window. Seat pitch is okay: not great, but not bad either. As the plane narrows in row one, you're a bit more cramped here. Especially between the seats. Unfortunately, there are also no coat hooks at the seat at the very front. The seats were very clean. Nevertheless it was narrow. If you have wider thighs, the side tables can be a real challenge. The range of cushions is great and makes it much more comfortable. Business class is separated from economy by a curtain. 


After a quick takeoff from PMI, we had a nice view of the water and the surrounding area. 


After the seatbelt signs went out, the meal service started. This can be pre-ordered in both economy and business class. I pre-ordered a Wiener Schnitzel. Actually, I was the only one in Business Class until three passengers upgraded. There was then a defined dish (no selection option). 


The food was good. The Wiener Schnitzel did not quite live up to its name, as it was quite thick and had a strange, disintegrated consistency. However, given the short flight time, it was very good. The "fried potatoes" were unfortunately not bar potatoes - but what was great was that there were also vegetables as well as ketchup to go with it. 

The crew was super friendly and helpful. The co-pilot reported to cruising altitude. 

This aircraft does not have wifi. One thing that is important: In the first row you sizt quite squeezed, because the table is built into the armrest. Recline is also difficult, as there is only an undefined lever for it under the seat. Shortly after the meal was served, a paid meal service was offered in economy class. After that, duty-free goods were offered. While this was going on, drinks were refilled in Business Class. After that, the crew was not as present. Finally, the business class guests were offered a box of chocolates. 


During the flight we had a beautiful view of Toulon. 10 minutes before landing the cabin was prepared for this.

In a large left turn we started our landing approach. After a soft landing in Stuttgart we arrived after a short taxiing time at the gate. The disembarkation took place by gangway. 


  • Seat     

Comfort                    7/10

Cleanliness             8/10

Recline                     9/10

Table                         4/10

Seat width                    4/10

Seat distance         6/10

Seat setup matching flight time          9/10

Working ergonomics             6/10

Sockets (USB A Charger)        0/5

Can hold an IPad    0/5

Free Middle Seat    10/10

Seat Pocket             8/10

Assignment to the Rest of the Cabin           10/10


Result         6,75/10


Plus points:      


Pillows and blankets      1/1

Monitor or IFE (1)         


Plus points result:        1


Result seat:       7,75


  • Lounge 

Lounge rating        19/30


Plus points:

Two lounges (1) 1


Result lounge:  7,33

  • Plus points       

WLAN (2)          0

  • Crew    

Friendliness            25/25

Service                      25/25

Presence                  25/25

Language                 25/25


Result :       10/10

  • Ground handling          

Class based check in        20/20

Fast track / immigration     30/30

More baggage       20/20

Priority boarding   15/15

Boarding and disembark    15/15


Result:       10/10


Result ground handling:      10/10


  • Amenities         

Plus points       


Travel organizer  (1)      1/1      

Amenity kit (1)  


Result: 1

  • Food    

Selection   9/10

Quality      17/20

The taste    15/20

Sufficient quantity   20/20

Drinks       18/20

Refill      8/10


Result :       8,8/10


Plus points:


Hot-Food (1)     1/1

Snacks (1)         0

Pre-order availability (1)          1/1


Food result:      5,4/5


  • App      

         Online check in      22/25

Seat choices          0/15

Add-on options     15/15

Functions              10/15

Traveling information       13/15

Apple wallet         15/15


Result (5):         3,75/5


Result app:       3,75/5



Total results business class short haul:  27/30

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