LH1130 FRA -> BCN (Lufthansa)


Lufthansa flight from FRA to BCN in business class on the 10.06.2023

Aircraft Informationen:

Type: Airbus A321-271NX (A321neo)

Age: 3 years 

Registration: D-AIED


Flight time 1 hour and 45 minutes.


Boarding started on time and proceeded in the typical Lufthansa groups. Boarding took place via a gangway. After a warm welcome, I saw Lufthansa's A321Neo cabin with the new seats for the first time. On this flight, there were 7 rows in Business Class in a 3-3 configuration with the middle seat blocked, creating a 2-2 configuration. In Business Class, everyone had two USB A and two USB-C ports for charging their device(s), which are unlocked at cruise altitude. The aircraft was very modern with the new cabin and made a very clean impression. 


Due to the size of the aircraft, boarding took time. 

After boarding was completed, there was an announcement from the captain that we would have to wait a little longer, as the aircraft refueling was not yet complete. Unfortunately, the first tanker was damaged during the refueling process, so it had to be driven away first. This took some time. Due to this, we were still on the ground for a good 20 minutes before we could pushback.

After a long taxing towards runway R18, we took off a good 25 minutes late.

After a shaky start, we had a good view of the surrounding countryside.


After the seatbelt signs went off, the Meal Service started. The meal consisted of a vegetable based cloudbread with green pesto and some very good cooked pieces of meat (cold) and a roll and a bell pepper tomato cream and fennel pieces. The cream was okay and I liked the strips of meat. However, this dish may not be for everyone. Especially with Lufthansa, there is a wide range in terms of taste. There was only one round roll for each passenger, which I find a little tight. The beverage service took a very long time: I had already finished eating when I got my drink (reference: 9 minutes after eating) Due to the size of the business class, the entire service unfortunately dragged on very long, so thata also after about 3 rounds of drinks was over. After the beverage service, the crew was no longer really present. 

The rest of the flight was quiet. Every now and then, there was a nice view of the mountains or the French countryside. I even caught a glimpse of a beautiful beach. A good 30 minutes before we landed, the cabin was prepared early for landing, as the captain expected a turbulent approach (there were thunderstorm cells brewing around Barcelona). 

Here is an important note: Depending on the seat side and approach direction, you have a fantastic view of Barcelona (a bit of luck). You can check the approach direction e.g. at flightradar24. My recommendation for all who like to fly, flightradar 24 is a must have. Unfortunately, the business class was fully booked and I could not move. 

After flying past Barcelona once landsite, we landed a bit bumpy on runway 07L in Barcelona with a big left turn.


Thanks for reading! If you/they want to know more about my Barcelona journey, please click here.


I can conditionally recommend this flight. A flight stands and falls with the crew. Here, the hard product could convince me quite well for this route. The food was also very tasty. However, who does not like cloudbread, etc., for the/there was only a roll. It was also a pity that there were no more drinks. From the selection, everything was good, but if I have to ask for water in the galley, it's a pity. Here the crew was engaged, but rather passive and seemed a bit listless (biggest variable factor). In this case, Lufthansa could not convince me as on my first flight from Stuttgart to Frankfurt. The route itself is somewhat without alternatives. There is still Swiss or Austrian, which fly this route with respective stopovers. If you want to get from A to B quickly, this flight makes sense. But for the price a bit meager. If the price is right, I would repeat this flight. Otherwise, I would look around for alternatives (e.g. with Swiss). Thus, the flight scores only 25 out of 30 possible points.


  • Seat     

Comfort                    9/10

Cleanliness             8/10

Recline                     9/10

Table                         7/10

Seat width                    10/10

Seat distance         9/10

Seat setup matching flight time          10/10

Working ergonomics             9/10

Sockets (USB A Charger)        5/5

Can hold an IPad    5/5

Free Middle Seat    10/10

Seat Pocket             9/10

Assignment to the Rest of the Cabin           10/10


Result         9,16/10


Plus points:      


Pillows and blankets (1)

Monitor or IFE (1)         


Plus points result:        0


Result seat:       9,166666667


  • Lounge 

Lounge rating        20,7/30


Plus points:

Two lounges (1) 1


Result lounge:  7,9

  • Plus points       

WLAN (2)          0

  • Crew    


Friendliness            18/25

Service                      15/25

Presence                  10/25

Language                 25/25


Result :       6,8/10



  • Ground handling          


Class based check in        20/20

Fast track / immigration     30/30

More baggage       20/20

Priority boarding   15/15

Boarding and disembark    15/15


Result:       10/10


Plus Points:      

Seperate bus shuttle(1)      


Result ground handling:      10/10


  • Amenities         


Plus points       


Travel organizer  (1)      

Amenity kit (1)  


Result: 0


  • Food    


Selection   0/10

Quality      18/20

The taste    17/20

Sufficient quantity   8/20

Drinks       14/20

Refill      5/10


Result :       6,2/10



Plus points:


Hot-Food (1)     0

Snacks (1)         0

Pre-order availability (1)           0


Food result:      3,1/5


  • App      

         Online check in      25/25

Seat choices          15/15

Add-on options     15/15

Functions              15/15

Traveling information       15/15

Apple wallet         15/15


Result (5):         5/5


Plus points:      


Result app:       5/5



Total results business class short haul:  25/30

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