LX1174 ZRH -> STR (Swiss)


Swiss flight from ZRH to STR operate by helvetic airways on the 12.06.2023

Aircraft information:

Embraer E195-E2

Age: 2 years 



Flight time 25 minutes

Lounge options: Swiss Alpine Lounge, Swiss Business Class Lounge.

Boarding starts with a good hour delay because of the "Air Defender." Boarding proceeded in the typical Lufthansa boarding groups. Boarding was via a gangway. 


 After a friendly greeting from the cabin manager, I find a bottle of water and a disinfectant wipe on my seat. The seat configuration was a 2-2 where one of the two seats is always blocked in business class, creating a 1-1 configuration. For this type of aircraft, I have a tip on seat selection here as well. Each of the seats has two USB-A jacks for charging devices, which are turned on from cruising altitude. The seat is very modern, but it seems a bit basic and the foot space is not that convincing. For this route it is sufficient. On a longer route, the footwell is likely to be difficult for taller people. Fortunately, there are no supports in the footwell in the Embraer, so I was able to stretch my feet out crosswise. Each seat is equipped with a lamp and ventilation. 

After the boarding was finished, the captain informed us about a technical problem have and said that the technicians are looking at it. He himself also went to look several times. What it was in the end, I do not know. He said that he expected new information in 20 minutes. In the cabin, except for a Swede who wanted to get his connecting flight in Stuttgart, everything was happy and very nice conversations ensued. The cabin crew even tried to contact aegean airlines so that this passenger could still catch his flight. After a joke, which should now roll here so slowly times the champagne cart long, came a short time later olive snacks and champagne. 

The crew was overall super friendly and also had a very nice chat with us passengers. 

Shortly after the champagne arrived, the technical problem was fixed and we could pushbake 10 minutes later. During the whole waiting time there was a super atmosphere in the cabin. Then we could "unfortunately pushback" and start about 10 minutes later. After a nice takeoff with a great view we turned left and had a beautiful view of the Zurich airport. Shortly after takeoff, sandwiches were served as well as cola and champagne as well as water. 

The raisin curry chicken sandwich was great and more than we had received on the one hour and 30 minute flight from BCN to ZRH (perfectly adequate). 10 minutes before we landed in Stuttgart, the cabin was prepared for landing. We had a super view of Stuttgart and surroundings during the landing approach. 

With 1 hour and 26 minutes delay we landed gently in Stuttgart. After a 5 minute taxiing we arrived at a gate position. The disembarkation was via a gangway. 

After 8 minutes, the baggage claim started neatly sorted by priority. I would like to thank again very much to the entire cabin crew! 


I can recommend this flight, especially with the Swiss Alpin Lounge, which is unfortunately only open until 6pm. Flying via Zurich is usually very nice. Also taking off from Zurich, where you have the typical business class privileges on the ground. This short flight is recommended to me with a clear conscience, unless you have a short connection time. But usually it works in MUC or Frankfurt if you can still be rebooked on later flights. 


  • Seat     

Comfort                    9/10

Cleanliness             10/10

Recline                     9/10

Table                         8/10

Seat width                    10/10

Seat distance         7/10

Seat setup matching flight time          10/10

Working ergonomics             9/10

Sockets (USB A Charger)        5/5

Can hold an IPad    2/5

Free Middle Seat    10/10

Seat Pocket             10/10

Assignment to the Rest of the Cabin           0/10


Result         8,16/10


Plus points:      


Pillows and blankets (1)

Monitor or IFE (1)         


Plus points result:        0


Result seat:       8,16/10


  • Lounge 

Lounge rating        18/30


Plus points:

Two lounges (1) 1


Result lounge:  7

  • Plus points       

WLAN (2)          0

  • Crew    


Friendliness            25/25

Service                      25/25

Presence                  25/25

Language                 22/25


Result :       9,7/10



  • Ground handling          


Class based check in        20/20

Fast track / immigration     30/30

More baggage       20/20

Priority boarding   12/15

Boarding and disembark    10/15


Result:       9,2/10


Plus Points:      

Seperate bus shuttle(1)      


Result ground handling:      9,2/10


  • Amenities         


Plus points       


Travel organizer  (1)      

Amenity kit (1)  


Result: 0


  • Food    


Selection   7/10

Quality      19/20

The taste    20/20

Sufficient quantity   20/20

Drinks       15/20

Refill      5/10


Result :       8,6/10



Plus points:


Hot-Food (1)     0

Snacks (1)         0

Pre-order availability (1)           0


Food result:      4,3/5


  • App      

         Online check in      25/25

Seat choices          15/15

Add-on options     10/15

Functions              13/15

Traveling information       10/15

Apple wallet         15/15


Result (5):         4,4/5


Plus points:      


Result app:       4,4/5



Total results business class short haul:  26/30

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