LH1184 FRA -> ZRH (Lufthansa)


Lufthansa flight from FRA to ZRH on the 21.05.2023 in Business Class

Aircraft Information:

Type: Airbus A319-114

age: 25years 

Registration: D-AILN


Flight time: 48 minutes 


Lounge options:



Good morning from Frankfurt Airport. There is a separate check-in area for LH FTL and Business Class customers. As well as for Senators and Hon Circle Members. The check-in went quickly and I could directly walk to the fast lane, which is left of the normal security check. You can find it by simply walking in from the check-in. The new scanners are also set up there, where you only have to take out liquids. After that, you have two lounge options for domestic flights. One is the Lufthansa Panorama Lounge, a mixture between Senator and Business Class Lounge and the other one is the Business Class Lounge. I can highly recommend the Panorama Lounge early in the morning, as it has a very nice view. Otherwise, I recommend the closest lounge to the respective gate, as the distances are relatively long. All lounges open at 6 o'clock.


Boarding starts on time. What is very nice, is that the boarding in Frankfurt starts with the group two immediately after preboarding, because the HONs are brought by limo.  

After a friendly welcome by the crew, I found a 3-3 seating where the middle seat was blocked for business class, hence we had a 2-2 seating. A tip: This plane has the tables on the wall in the first row. So even if you are traveling without carry-on luggage, you can take them without being jammed in. Personally, I would always recommend row two or three. The seat pitch was okay. But the aircraft was not the newest.

Since a few passengers did not show up, their luggage had to be unloaded. A funny situation occurred, when the gentleman on the other side calls a flight attendant, because he just sees his suitcase roll over the parking position. Since we missed our slot because of the unloading of the suitcases and we had to wait further.

With 17 minutes delay, we then started in the direction of Zurich. On the R18. After the seat belt signs had gone out, breakfast was served. A radish, tomatoes, cream cheese, bread. Definitely not my cup of tea, but others in business class thought it was very good. In addition, there was a muesli fruit bar and an apple. So was a beverage service. The crew was not so present after the breakfast was cleared, but there were still new drinks every 5 minutes. 


The rest of the flight went by moderately fast, 20 minutes before landing the cabin was prepared for landing. Due to our delay, we had also missed our landing slot in Zurich and had to do a lap over Konstanz before we were allowed to land.  So we landed in Zurich with a delay of 31 minutes. 

Unfortunately, no gate and connecting flight information was given, which is a must especially with the delay and already generally a short connection.


  • Seat     

Comfort                    9/10

Cleanliness             8/10

Recline                     10/10

Table                         10/10

Seat width                    10/10

Seat distance         9/10

Seat setup matching flight time          10/10

Working ergonomics             9/10

Sockets (USB A Charger)        0/5

Can hold an IPad    2/5

Free Middle Seat    10/10

Seat Pocket             10/10

Assignment to the Rest of the Cabin           10/10


Result         8,91/10


Plus points:      


Pillows and blankets (1)

Monitor or IFE (1)         


Plus points result:        0


Result seat:       8,91


  • Lounge 

Lounge rating        20,7/30


Plus points:

Two lounges (1) 1


Result lounge:  7,9

  • Plus points       

WLAN (2)          0

  • Crew    


Friendliness            23/25

Service                      25/25

Presence                  22/25

Language                 25/25


Result :       8,8/10



  • Ground handling          


Class based check in        20/20

Fast track / immigration     30/30

More baggage       20/20

Priority boarding   15/15

Boarding and disembark    15/15


Result:       10/10


Plus Points:      

Seperate bus shuttle(1)      


Result ground handling:      10/10


  • Amenities         


Plus points       


Travel organizer  (1)      

Amenity kit (1)  


Result: 0


  • Food    


Selection   0/10

Quality      18/20

The taste    10/20

Sufficient quantity   10/20

Drinks       15/20

Refill      7/10


Result :       6/10



Plus points:


Hot-Food (1)     0

Snacks (1)         0

Pre-order availability (1)           0


Food result:      3/5


  • App      

         Online check in      25/25

Seat choices          15/15

Add-on options     15/15

Functions              15/15

Traveling information       15/15

Apple wallet         15/15


Result (5):         5/5


Plus points:      


Result app:       5/5



Total results business class short haul:  26/30

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